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Category: Flowers

Flowers… They’ll just make my day!

I started playing around with flowers a few years back when I ordered a floral arrangement in the South of France and it arrived looking like a funeral piece. I just couldn’t bear it and decided to take it apart, make a smaller arrangement and use the leftovers in my table decorations. I haven’t ordered an arrangement since.

Don’t get me wrong. There are some true floral artists out there and if you are strapped for time, I wouldn’t hesitate to order an arrangement or two. However… if you have the time, it’s so much more fun to get loose flowers and make your own creations. Loose flowers are normally also cheaper than arrangements. Maybe you can convince your captain to use your savings to buy some nice table decorations or vases?

What do you need to get started with making your own floral arrangements? I’ve got my go-to floral kit and of course, a flower arrangement course won’t hurt. I did a great 3 day “Modern Design” course in Durban, South Africa, though there are plenty of schools around the globe. Get your basic kit, do a course if you can and start creating!

Looking for inspiration? I follow some great florists on instagram, including some who supply to the yachting community, such as @indigohues77 and @stemsandshoots.

If you’re still not convinced, next time you pick up your floral arrangement, grab a few loose flowers and start adding them to your breakfast and lunch settings. You’ll be hooked soon enough!

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