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Baking with Bertinet

The romantic city of Bath isn’t just home to the famous roman baths, it also boasts one of the greatest baking schools any yacht chef could wish for: The Bertinet Kitchen Cookery School. French Chef Bertinet, author of galley-favourites “Dough” & “Crust”, will teach you the A-Z of bread baking in a 5-day course. You’ll start off with an introduction day, which focuses on his technique and how to become the Boss of your dough (trust me, becoming boss is crucial at Bertinet’s). Once you’ve mastered this, you’ll get to practice it on French Breads, Italian Breads, Dark & Sweet dough and the all-trendy Sourdough.

Though you will most probably share the classroom with hobby-chefs, there will also be other hospitality professionals and in my case, one other yacht chef. Chef Bertinet understands the fast-paced environment yacht chefs have to deal with and will give you all the tricks and tips you want, including his “Quick Satisfaction Bread” recipe. A true master in his art, he won’t disappoint!

About the course: The class starts at a leisurely 10 AM (which was great as I stayed at a farmhouse AirBnB just outside of Bath and took a bus into town) when you get some coffee and breakfast – generally toasted bread and jam from the previous day’s creations. You then bash out a bunch of bread, take some instagram-worthy photos (optional) and sit down for lunch in the early afternoon. Lunch is obviously based on whatever was baked that day, so prepare for a glutenful week, though there will always be some salad and other sides making an appearance too. Sticking to his French roots, Chef Bertinet also includes wine at lunch, a great way of winding down after a busy morning! At the end of the course, you’ll get a certificate, the recipes, a signed copy of “Crust”, a dough scraper (your new best friend), a lame and blades. In my opinion, well worth every penny of the £ 950 course price. (May 2017)

Would you like to know more about my experience at Bertinet’s? Feel free to pop me an email!




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