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One of the fine qualities of a yacht stew is that he or she shall be meticulously organised, or in other words, suffer from a healthy dose of OCD. This translates into endless to-do lists, checklists and cheat sheets. Here are some of my favourites:

Handover Book aka Stew Bible (NEW!)

I took my last handover book, changed the yacht name and took out any personal information so that you can rewrite it and use it as a base for your own handover book. Remember, don’t start writing it the day you want to leave. Start writing it the day you join a yacht, so it will be a breeze to finish it and hand it in the day you do decide to move on. It’s also super handy to give to new stewardesses when they join and are craving more info about the boat! You can download it here.


(The checklists are in word/excel format so you can adapt them to your yacht)

Cheat Sheets

Guest Entertainment

Happy Sailing!