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Floral Kit

Ready to get creative with flowers? Recycle a nice wooden wine box (okay, a shoe-box will do…) and get yourself the above basics.

What are these Tools for?

  • Rafia & Ribbons: you can use these to wrap around small candle holders, flower vases and to cover flower tape used to keep flowers together in a bouquet
  • Flower Tape: special sticky tape used to keep flowers together, bouquet-style, can also be used to cover metal wire in floral crowns
  • Fishing Line: just a good thing to have, especially if you want to hang things from the ceiling, like branches or glass bubbles, anything really
  • Corsage Pins & Floral Fern Pins: both used to pin down leaves in floral arrangements, you can use the corsage pins with the nice pearly beaded ends when they’ll be visible and the fern pins when you can’t see them
  • Pin Frogs or “Sinker”: when you want to “sink” a flower (bud) to the bottom of a vase and make sure it won’t float up again, you can use one of these pin frogs to keep them down, I usually cover them with pebbles – check out this example
  • Finishing Spray: a hydrating spray that gives your floral arrangement a nice shine, to be used once your piece is complete
  • Stem & Paddle Wire + Cutters: the stem wire (single lengths of wire, about 25cm/10″ long) is used to keep flowers with a weaker stem upright (common with gerberas) whereas you can use the paddle and stem wire to create stunning floral crowns (check out Koch Blog for more info on how to use wires), don’t destroy the galley scissors on the wire and get your own pair of wire cutters
  • Single Stem Water Picks: exactly what it says, you can hold a stem in water and then add it in an arrangement or use it somewhere where you can’t have large amounts of water
  • Branch Cutters: once you get back to the yacht with your flowers, you want to cut off the bottom of the stem, at an angle, and put them in fresh water, make your life easier with a good pair of branch cutters

Other Essentials

  • Floral Arrangement Foam (also known as Oasis, which is actually a brand of foam): you will find two colours all over the world, green foam for fresh arrangements and brown for dry/fake flower arrangements.

Tip on how to use green foam for fresh arrangements: fill a bucket with water and let the foam soak for 15 or so minutes. Once your foam has soaked up as much water as it can, place it in your vase and get the creative juices flowing!

  • Vases: as a minimum you would want a low rectangular vase for arrangements (will work great on any oval/rectangular table), a high vase for bouquets and one or two short vases for single flower stems (they look cute for breakfast and/or lunch). If you can get anything else (storage and budget-wise) you can praise yourself lucky!

Where can you get all of this?

If you’re in the US, you’ll be spoiled with options. You’ve got the obvious all-time favourite amazon, but if you prefer checking out things in real-life, visit your local Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

In Europe, amazon is still an option but if you want to visit a store, I would try and find your local haberdashery/hobby store. In Spain, most of the Corte Ingles’es have a nice haberdashery section (ask for “Merceria”) or try and go to the local flower market, as in, where the flower shops get their flowers from. These giant flower markets are generally open earlier in the day, say from 5 to 11 and normally have a few florist supplies shops where you can get all the above at good prices. If you happen to be based or passing through Barcelona, visit Mercabarna-Flor for a great selection.

Do you know of any great floral supply shops in the US or Europe? Do share them and I’ll happily add them to the above article!


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