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The one thing no millennial can live without nowadays…  And to be fair, it’s a great source for inspiration with contents that get updated on a daily, if not, hourly basis. 

I personally follow 3 kind of accounts:

  1. Other Stews
  2. Yachting Companies: including agencies, general companies (suppliers & contractors) and other industry-related pages
  3. Inspirational Pages (Table Decor, Drinks,…)

1. Other Stews

There are a whole bunch of very talented stews out there, some share the day-to-day life onboard, others share tips and advice and some combine a bit of both. I like having a sneak-peak at what other yachts offer their guests and it’s always good to pick up a tip or two or to get inspired for a theme night. Lots of stews also share what they do in their time off so it can happen that they show off some awesome restaurant they went to and I might try it out the next time I’m in that place too. Follow each other, learn from each other, support each other!

  • @the_sassy_napkin: my absolute fave instastew… beautiful table settings and napkin folds by an awesome chick that will happily share her napkin knowledge
  • @theyachtstew: this gorgeous stew shares it all: life on board, advice on stewing, her personal travels and being married to a fellow yachtie 
  • @super_yacht_chief_stew: experienced freelance chief stew on larger yachts that gives out lots of advice, runs her own recruiting agency and addresses both English and Spanish speaking stews
  • @kieraliberty: lots of dreamy island pictures, sprinkled with a few table shots, decoration ideas and fun times onboard
  • @therealyachtlife: pretty self-explanatory, Minky’s take on the day-to-day events onboard, the highs and the lows!
  • @yachtstewsecrets: similar as the above one, a peak at what goes on behind the scenes
  • @yacht_girl: posts about pretty boats, pretty table settings and some inspirational quotes
  • @stewinspo: awesome ideas for table and interior decoration on an actual yacht, by an actual yacht stew – how much better does it get?
  • @harrietknibbs: wowza! this chick works on a larger yacht and they make the most beautiful and stunning flower/table arrangements! 
  • @storiesofastew: healthy mix of off-duty activities and table decoration shots
  • @themindfulstew: inspirational quotes from an experienced chief stew to keep you going every day
  • @badstewardess: this one only popped up recently but this stew’s posts on the “real” side of yachting always make me giggle

2. Yachting Companies

1. Florists

Get Inspired or buy some flower arrangements from these awesome suppliers:

2. Yachting Interior Suppliers

3. Yachting Uniform Suppliers

4. Crew Agents 

The below agencies will post job vacancies on their instagram accounts. For a full list of crew agents (who aren’t as active on insta), have a look here

5. Other Great Instagrams

  • Crew Privilege: Kind of a private yachtie members club – become a member and get discounts at a bunch of great places (their insta page also gives a lot of ideas on what to do on a day off)
  • El Toro Foods: For all the SA yachties in Palma wanting some flavour from the motherland, these peops sell pies, beers and anything SA really. 
  • ACREW Yachting: Organisation that organises worldwide events for crew with lots of interesting workshops & after-parties to match.
  • Yachtie World: Insta of what crew get up to on and off yachts. Hashtag them to get your own adventures featured!

3. Inspiration

1. Cocktails, Wines & Spirits


2. Table/Interior Decor

  • Fashionable Hostess: Interior Decoration, great ideas for special occasions as well (Valentine’s, girls’ night,…)
  • to have + to host: similar as above
  • table_decor_: I think this is a Russian page, so not sure about what the comments say but the posts are amazing and will give you lots of ideas for table setups. 

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