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Stews have many responsibilities… from keeping the interior clean, to organising and inventorying everything on board and on top of that, catering to guests’ every possible whim. Luckily, most of us have the coolest tool of all times: the smartphone!

And with that smartphone come the apps: those gorgeous heaven-sent apps we couldn’t live without. Here are some of my faves, in no particular order

1. Sortly: If you haven’t got the luxury of having a full-on maintenance/inventory software on board, this is your second best option. I use this one especially to inventory the owners’ wardrobe as it gives you the option of downloading the list as a PDF, which I can then handily send over to the owners so they know what (not) to pack for their next trip.

2. Vivino: This app has a “cellar” option which basically is a part of the app that let’s you make an inventory of all the wines you have. In addition, you can scan bottles to check their rating and tasting note.

3. Spotify: I’ve got a variety of skills, but music knowledge is not one of them. One of my previous captains would often refer to me as an absolute musical philistine… Oh well, can’t be good at everything! This beauty has saved me a million times over. The owner’s like 70s? No prob. The next charter guests are into jazz? Coming right up. Mexican theme night? Y arrrrriba!

Some of my favourite playlists:

  • Sunday Morning: latest chill hits, ideal for after dinner or during the daytime when guests want to be a bit more relaxed
  • Positive Vibes & Happy Hits: as the titles say, happy tunes to keep you going, lots of recent songs too
  • Road Trip Sing-Along Sings, Sings to Sing in the Shower, Songs to Sing in the Car: good ol’ sing-alongs to set the mood after dinner
  • Your Favorite Coffeehouse
  • Today’s Top Hits: great for guests in the millennial age range or those young spirited older guests that enjoy the latest music
  • Coffee Table Jazz: for the jazz lover and also great if you are holding a classy, French inspired soiree

4. Books (You will find Books on apple products, check out free alternatives for android here, including google play books) sometimes it’s just worth investing in a digital book and having it ready at your finger tips (especially if you have a dodge wifi connection):

  • 100 Classic Napkin Folds: fantastic book that has been with me since I started yachting, can’t recommend it enough
  • 200 Classic Cocktails by Hamlyn: great when you have no WiFi connection and a guests asks you for a B52 shooter or a White Russian (organised per type of drink, ie. “winter warmers”, “sparkling gems”…)
  • Classic Cocktails by Stuart Walton: similar as above but organised per spirit-type

5. Pinterest: pretty obvious probably but a great app if you’re looking for inspiration for table settings and flowers. I often get random loose flowers at the shop and will search for something like “modern flower arrangement lilies” when not feeling inspired that day. You could also search for “gatsby dinner” to get some ideas. Happy pinteresting!

6. Just Eat (Spain, France, Italy, …) / Glovo (Palma-based): Okay, this one might seem like a far stretch… but you’ll be happy to have some food at your fingertips when they chef is out provisioning and informs you they’ll be back three hours late and you have a starving crew wondering what’s going to be served for lunch.

Let me know what other apps have helped you out in the past!

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