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To get work, let’s get to work! Jobs don’t fall out of the sky, or they don’t generally do anyway.  Having a well-prepared CV is crucial in yachting, an industry that prides itself on its attention to detail. If your CV has a blurry photo, spelling errors and overall doesn’t look professional, it will make you look unprofessional too.

What you should look out for:

  • Photo: No Selfies. No revealing photos (i.e. bikini/beach shots). Try and have a friend take a head&shoulders shot of you with a “nature” background, ie. the sea, a lake, a forest. If not available go for a white background. Make sure to show a beautiful SMILE. Whomever is recruiting will be looking at you as if a guest were to be looking at you. You want to look welcoming and approachable.
  • Spelling: Spell Check. And then Spell Check again. Then send it to a friend and have them Spell Check it again.
  • Fonts and Colours: Keep it simple. A little colour and design is great but very often, your CV will be printed and no-one wants to waste a ton of ink just because it looks great on screen.
  • File Type: Have your CV ready as a PDF and Word document. Crew Agencies will often want to have a word copy of your CV as they will delete your contact details to make sure the captains/head of departments go through them, rather than to you directly.
  • File Name: Name your CV something sensible like “CV Stew Jane Smith” and not “CV second copy”.
  • File Size: Many yachts have limited internet, especially when they’re underway. Try to limit you’re CV file to 250 Kb. You can easily compress PDFs online for free on I Love PDF.

You can find a basic Word CV here. Feel free to use it as a basic template to design your own yachting CV. Crew agents often want a Word copy of your CV as they will delete you contact details (to make sure the captain doesn’t contact you directly and they loose out on their commission) and to make any alterations they believe can help in your application.

Alternatively you can create a more swanky CV by using an online editor. Have a look at this Sample CV to get inspired. This particular CV was created using They have beautiful designs though my limited experience shows me you can only download it as a PDF. Do you know how to convert it to a word document? Give me a shout and I’ll be happy to share the knowledge!

Have fun creating your CV! It’s your business card and first step into this industry so make sure it looks professional and represents you. Also… don’t bother lying, it will come out eventually.

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